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How do vases affect our life


This is a great miracle. Are they just pretty accessories? On the contrary! Vases are now self-explanatory, their design statements themselves, inspiring floral arrangements - from avant-garde to romantic. One thing is clear: Floriculture has never been more diverse and creative. Artichokes are free to flower. People are also experimenting with giant flowers, or pairing delicate grasses with natural grass flowers, or even tying gorgeous bouquets to make the flowers seem to dance. This requires a lot more than your average multi-purpose glass vase. They need vases of all shapes and sizes, both for flowers and for interiors.


The lovely shapes of these vases will tempt everyone to arrange wildflower bouquets, sprigs, or individual flowers: narrow-necked bulb vases don't require showy bouquets - each item has its own style. The popular pastel and powdery hues especially match the green leaves, hence the vase color trend. Also look out for interesting patterns and accessories.


Glass: colorful and fashionable

The transparency of glass vases makes them look lighter, even at larger sizes and brighter colors. They add a calm and relaxed style to the space.

As a material, glass offers producers and designers an extremely wide range of possibilities for creativity. The traditional spherical and bottle-neck vases still exist, alongside shapes that can only be accomplished by glass blowers, vividly demonstrating their skill. Other popular designs include color gradients, stained glass, and antique with bubbles.


We are interested in designs that contrast with nature, such as placing flowers in the frame, or glass spheres


Why glass vase-While the flowers are the main attraction, how they are presented is also important. You can put flowers in plastic, ceramic or metal containers. But there are problems.

Plastic vases scratch easily and cloud quickly. Ceramics are difficult to clean, and metal containers can corrode because they react with the acid in the flower's food.

Glass vases avoid these problems and emphasize the beauty of your flowers while being durable and easy to clean.


Post time: Oct-12-2022