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A salute to the most beautiful workers–Zhang Li

Gorky once said, "Labor is the source of all joy and all good things in the world." Labor is the most beautiful, and beauty belongs to all the workers in the world. Is you, is I, is he, in every corner of Ruichen, has been adhering to the "integrity, responsibility, enterprising" values, with both hands to interpret the responsibility, with the shoulder to hold up the responsibility, with conscience to write dedication, with sweat to describe life......
There are many good qualities in labor, hard work, not afraid of hard work is industrious; To take anything seriously is not to be serious; Do not false, seek truth from facts, integrity, worth relying on is integrity; Have a sense of ownership, do not shirk, responsible for the results of the work is responsible; Not satisfied with the status quo, persist in learning, continuous innovation, not afraid of difficulties, is enterprising...... Or industrious, or careful, or serious, or integrity, or enterprising, or responsible as long as you conform to a kind of body, you are a beautiful worker!


This year is the 14th year that Zhang Li has been working in Realfortune. Time flies and 14 years have passed in a short time, but something has changed quietly. What remains unchanged is Zhang Li's attitude towards work. Her work content runs through the whole production and sales link of the company. Patience, carefulness, integrity and responsibility are indispensable in her position, and Zhang Li perfectly interprets these qualities.
Zhang Li has been adhering to the principle of never being false and seeking truth from facts. Carefully check the prices, orders, accessories, etc. submitted by colleagues, and do a second check to find possible problems in time, so as to avoid losses for the company and customers. Effectively do not conceal, not false, not missing, not accommodating. Accommodation in the work should not be a positive term, the completion of the job should be perfect, not nearly, superficial. Zhang Li always insists on finding out the problems of her colleagues, correcting them and reporting them to them, and setting high standards for herself and colleagues.
In addition, she is also responsible for cooperating with the sales department to make product cost quotation, any small detail problems, will lead to the follow-up work can not be carried out normally, fortunately, Zhang Li's careful is there for all to see. So far, Zhang Li has handled the quotation can be said to be zero mistakes. I believe that in the future she can still stick to it as always.

Post time: Jan-29-2023