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A salute to the most beautiful workers–Zhang ChunPeng


Supervising the production link of the factory, ensuring the quality and helping customers to inspect the goods is an important link to increase customer satisfaction. Helping customers to handle the customs and being responsible for customers is what Realfortune has been doing. Now the epidemic is still in an unstable stage. With the stagnation of logistics, it is no longer feasible to check goods by mail. Zhang Chunpeng cannot follow up the production schedule and ensure the delivery quality, which makes him very anxious. After all these considerations, he decided to drive to the Jiangsu factory by himself. So far, he has stayed in Jiangsu for more than a month, during which time he has done 24 nucleic acid tests. Thanks to his efforts, batches of products have been shipped normally.

No pains, no gains. When Zhang Chunpeng first entered the company, he was just an ordinary inspector. Now he has grown into the deputy manager of the purchasing Department, which is inseparable from his efforts. In the early stage, the furnace foundation of a factory we cooperated with was not good, which resulted in a large number of orders being squeezed and the shipment was not smooth. Zhang Chunpeng found the problem in time and actively sought solutions. Since then, Zhang Chunpeng has been committed to developing new factories, looking for new production technology, evaluating the comprehensive level of each factory, and striving to get the maximum advantage in Realfortune's production. At present, the factory developed by Zhang Chunpeng has become our main factory. There is a sentence that sounds cliche but not cliche, "how much you want to harvest will have how much to pay, the harder the luckier." At Realfortune, Zhang Chunpeng, your hard work and enterprising spirit is worth it!

In the context of the epidemic, we have indeed encountered many obstacles in our work. But the pandemic is not a reason, much less an excuse. Although we can not eliminate it, but we can find a way to bypass it, do not let the epidemic occupy our lives, hinder our growth, devour the years we should struggle.

Post time: Feb-05-2023